Installation of Modern locks

Installation of modern door locks

On every site they write: "Any lock can be broken in a matter of minutes." Based on this, many people think that there is no need to buy an expensive lock. However, this belief is wrong. Every second thief is an amateur, it is not difficult for them to open a simple lock, but they will not be able to overcome a high-quality and protected lock.

Moreover, even an experienced thief who calculates the crime in minutes and does not want to get caught is unable to quickly open locks with intricate mechanisms. Be sure: a high-quality branded lock will be your reliable defender!

The more complex the lock, the more difficult it is to install it on the door so that it justifies its protection. Specialists of the MYKEY.DP.UA company install locks of any complexity with extensive experience in this craft. Our specialists will be able to perform the work quickly and at a favorable price.

Door locks are divided into 4 classes of resistance:

  • I – Basic indicators of protective functions. Suitable for interior doors or rooms where valuable items are not stored.
  • ІІ – a budget version of an apartment lock.
  • III – the mechanism has improved protective properties, it will take at least 10 minutes to open it.
  • IV – the highest, its opening will take at least half an hour.

Never install a quality lock without the help of a professional if you want to get the most out of it. This will help to avoid breaking the expensive lock and improper opening of the door.

Installation of locks on metal doors is also possible with the selection of the most suitable type of lock for the required door leaf.

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