Repair of ignition locks in cars

Repair of ignition locks in cars

The ignition key in the car is broken: what to do

It is not rare that there are cases when the ignition key is stuck in the car or it is broken. It also happens that the key is simply left inside the ignition lock.

What to do?

First, you should not hope for an accident and try to fix the situation yourself. The best solution will be to seek help from professionals in their field, such as MYKEY. Emergency locksmith service is available 24 hours a day to help and repair your ignition key.

A timely repair of the ignition lock is a reliable operation of the car

If you have problems with the operation of the ignition key, do not delay and feel your fate, contact us immediately. MYKEY specialists will help in case of dirt or dust, when the lock came out as a result of wear and tear. These situations can happen to each of us, and as a rule, at the most inappropriate time. Therefore, it is worth writing down the number of the emergency service so that it is always at hand. Experienced masters of our service will arrive at the site of the breakdown in the shortest possible time and remove it for an acceptable price.

MYKEY has 20 years of experience in opening and repairing locks of various complexity. Therefore, our professionals can handle the ignition lock of Mercedes, Citroen, and even Daewoo Nexia. Modern equipment and knowledge of your business will come to your aid in the most seemingly difficult situation.

Replacing the ignition lock is a last resort

MYKEY specialists know their business, so after studying the situation, they will make a decision whether it is worth repairing the ignition lock or whether it is possible to get by only with its repair. For example, on a Daewoo Nexia, this is a rather problematic place, so a complete replacement of the ignition lock is often required.

However, our experienced specialists will find tools not only for Nexia, but also for Citroen or Renault. We are ready to arrive in 20 minutes after the call. MYKEY emergency service is always ready to help customers who require it.

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