Installation of protective fittings

Installation of protective fittings on the door

Installation of protective fittings in Dnipro.

The armor plate is the main element of the lock's protection against attempts of illegal penetration, which protects the entrance to the apartment or house from the intervention of fraudsters. When choosing protective accessories and armor plates, you need to focus on the quality of the metal from which they are made, as well as on constructive solutions and finishing options.

Replacement or installation of protective hardware (door handle, armor plate) is performed in cases of door failure or its replacement in order to increase the level of protection of the cylindrical mechanism. The handle and armor plate must also be changed after an attempt to break or open the lock by force.

Calling the MYKEY.DP.UA master guarantees high-quality and inexpensive installation and replacement of door security hardware. This will save you both time and money! Do not skimp on your own safety and trust professionals to install armor plates and other protective accessories in Dnipro

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