Installation and replacement of door closers

Installation and replacement of door closers

Installation and replacement of door closers

By buying a high-quality model of the tensioner, mounting and adjusting it incorrectly, you risk that the door will open incorrectly and let cold into the room in winter. The main task of the tensioner is to reduce the load on the hinges and doors to a minimum so that they can last longer, so you should not neglect the rules for their installation.

At first, it seems that installing the front door closer will be a simple task, but the desire to do it will disappear when you have to make a markup. No one wants to spoil an expensive door leaf and break its tightness with unnecessary slots.

In order not to be sad about damaged doors, entrust the installation of the tensioner to the specialists of the MYKEY.DP.UA company. We have extensive experience and all the necessary tools to perform quality work. The cost of services varies depending on the type of door and the model of the tensioner.

We will install any type of tensioner: overhead, as well as hidden in the frame, floor or door leaf. We install tensioners with different types of traction: standard, parallel and hidden.

It is taken into account when adjusting:

  • the smoothness of the door slamming;
  • return spring force;
  • crash and acceleration before closing;
  • door delay when opening in a fixed position.
  • soft braking;
  • closing speed;

Why replacement of door closers should be entrusted to specialists?

The masters of the MYKEY.DP.UA company will easily and quickly install the door closers and replace the broken one. We provide all the necessary information when choosing a tensioner in our store, taking into account the type of your front door.

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